Explore the first Northeast Night Market at Bauhaus Brew Labs

Inspired by the sights and sounds of a small artisan market on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans, sisters Margie and Madeline Siggelkow are bringing a taste of NOLA to northeast Minneapolis this summer with three unique markets at Bauhaus Brew Labs

The first Northeast Night Market is today from 6 p.m to 10 p.m. and I can’t wait to check out the artisans, street performers, musicians, food trucks and, of course, beer from one of my local favorites. I got the chance to have a quick chat with Margie and Madeline ahead of their first market – which went crazy viral and has more than 18,000 “attendees” registered on Facebook. 

The sisters loved the small night market in New Orleans with a handful of vendors, live jazz and all sorts of other characters.

“It was just really cool and it seemed so simple too. We were like, ‘Why don’t we have this in Minneapolis?'” Margie said. 

Pulling off a night market in Minneapolis proved tougher than the sisters thought. They wanted to set up shop in place that felt like a visitor just stumbled upon a weird circus. Initially, Margie says she approached the city of Minneapolis to use an open lot, but the city’s red tape made their simple idea seem a lot harder. The entire time, Bauhaus was in the back of their minds, but they weren’t sure if the brewery would be willing to take up a “random person’s crazy idea,” Margie said. 

But the brewery was all for it and agreed to host it on Tuesdays, when the beer hall is usually closed. 

Hosting the event at Bauhaus also helps add to the Big Easy feel because people can walk around with their drinks – New Orleans is open container. 

“We can’t walk around and have beer on the streets like they do in New Orleans, but it’d be cool to have a market at a brewery,” Margie said.

Madeline says she and her sister maybe invited 40 of their friends to the event on Facebook. Responses began going up by the thousands. 

While there will be a crowd for sure, the sisters want the event to be more intimate than a typical festival or block party. Rather than watch musicians on stage, they’ll be wandering around performing – giving attendees a chance to get to know them better and request songs. 

A few dozen vendors are slated to be there tonight and you can get your hands everything from paintings of Christopher Walken to handmade fishing lures. Some will return for the other two markets on July 21 and August 18, but otherwise each market will be different. 

Here’s what I’m looking out for at the market tonight. 



I also have to play favorites here – my college roommate is behind Paws Up Petgear and I’m hoping to see some pups strutting their stuff tomorrow. I’ll be at her booth helping out, drinking a Stargrazer and having a real moral dilemma about whether I’ll eat a hot dog in public (I’m looking at you – Nate Dogs).

{My friends Ramsey and Finnley at Boom Island}
{My friends Ramsey and Finnley at Boom Island}

See you at the market!


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