Beer and a Movie: Blood, Sweat, & Beer

Summer in the Cities is in full swing and this weekend seems like the craziest yet. When you’re done priding and dabbling and food trucking and jazzing out and whatever else you’ve got on your plate this weekend, catch a screening of the new documentary Blood, Sweat, & Beer this Sunday at Bryant Lake Bowl Theater. Sit in a dark room, drink a cold one and begin to taper into Monday. 

I jumped at the chance to preview this doc because I love documentaries about food and beverage. One of my absolute favorites – currently available on Netflix – is Somm, a doc that follows several candidates on their quest to become elite sommeliers. It’s all freshly-opened tennis balls and studying notecards and spitting glasses and it is SO INTENSE. 

Blood, Sweat & Beer by Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin is equally intense. The directors follow Shorebilly Brewing Co., a boardwalk brewpub in Ocean City, Md. as owner Danny Robinson fights off a trademark lawsuit, and the Brew Gentlemen Beer Company, which is a bunch of 20-something bros trying to stimulate economic growth through beer in the forgotten Rust Belt town of Braddock, Pa. There’s so much inherent drama in starting a small business, which is plenty of fodder for a documentary, but these examples are truly high stakes. I don’t want to give anything away….

There’s also some great insight into the recent craft beer boom, how new breweries will need to compete to stay in business and how to expand the market beyond stereotypical lumberjack types. Marisa Selvy, co-owner of Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. in Avon, Colo. who gets mistaken for a promo model, put it this way:

Literally, I swear it’s 50 percent long, long beards, all Caucasian men, looks kinda like lumberjacks and that’s what people expect… Females can brew beer, own brewing companies and pour in a dress with makeup on.

You said it, girl. 

The showing is this Sunday, 3 p.m., at Bryant Lake Bowl. Good news about BLB, you can eat and drink from your seat. It’s the only Twin Cities stop on their 35+ city tour, but you can view the full schedule here.

Any other good beer docs I should see?


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