New Beer Resolutions

Finally – some resolutions I can keep! 

The beginning of a new year is always an important time for me to reflect, set new goals and put my plans into action. That approach certainly carries over to the world of beer. As with any new hobby, there’s always more to learn and explore. I want to continue to develop my palate and explore beer styles, breweries and ingredients I’m less familiar with.   

My New Beer Resolutions will also serve a second function to give me more opportunities to write about my beer-ventures. I hope to continue blogging more frequently in 2016 and exploring new features besides my original recipes. I’ll come back to this post a few times to update you all on how I’m doing throughout the year. While some tasks are more daunting than others (brewing beer in my kitchen !?! uff-da!) I hope you’ll follow along as I try to achieve my goals. 

  1. Rack up another 200 unique check-ins on Untappd — that’s 200 new beers in 2016. (Speaking of Untappd… you can follow me at @OhCaliJade. I’ll start rating my beers!)
  2. Eat my way through a multiple course beer dinner with beer pairings.
  3. Take a brewcation out of Minnesota. 
  4. Convert at least one wine girl to the craft life!
  5. Bundle up, grin and bear it for the Winter Beer Dabbler (OK – this is a little cheat since I already bought the tickets…)
  6. Brew my own beer with the help of a few easy-to-follow kits (thanks Dad!)
  7. Stake out a brewery or a bottle shop for a special release.
  8. Read more. I’m starting with Beer Pairing by Julia Herz + Gwen Conley (thanks Secret Santa!)
  9. Get crafty with my ever-growing collection of beer bottle caps.  
  10. Host a meet up for that all-girl beer squad I’ve been talking about πŸ˜‰


Well, it looks like I have my work cut out for me. Here’s to a hoppy, happy 2016. Check out some of the highlights from my last year in beer in the gallery below:


Cheers! – Cali

6 thoughts on “New Beer Resolutions

  1. have you been to the winter beer dabbler before? it’s seriously one of my favorite things ever. we haven’t gone the past few years with the baby (haven’t been able to find a babysitter!). have fun for me! also, I suggest wearing a good pair of long underwear, it really helps keep you warm haha.

    1. This will be my first one. I know everyone just loves it. I am such a chicken when it comes to the cold so I hope for better weather and I plan to layer up! Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. I’m not on untapped yet, but I probably should! I go back and forth between being a wine snob and a beer lover, just depends on my mood, but for 2016 I really want to get to more breweries!

    1. Untapped is super fun! But I am really motivated by the badges. All of us TC bloggers have to hit a brewery next time πŸ˜€

    1. If only I could take the Kale & Ale approach more often, then I wouldn’t forget about those other, you know, life goals like eating healthy and exercising!

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