Be(er) My Valentine

I know a lot of people write off Valentine’s Day. It’s only for kids and couples. It’s not worth the effort. It’s just a Hallmark holiday designed to peddle chocolates and cheap lingerie. 

But I love it. As a kid, I would plan my elaborate Valentine’s Day card box months in advance. I would painstakingly select the perfect cards so as to not give certain boys in my class the wrong idea. Now, I love having a reason to appreciate the people in my life, wear pink and eat lots of candy. Leslie Knope made it even easier with the invention of Galentine’s Day. 


So in spirit of showing you care and eating lots of chocolate, here’s my favorite (and easy-to-do) gift for the gals and guys in your life who appreciate craft beer. I’m not sure what to call it… Russell Stouter? Beerardelli? It’s just a box of chocolate beers. 

I like to head to my favorite local bottle shop (Elevated Wine, Beer and Spirits) and mix a few six packs of rich, chocolate stouts, fruit beers and other sweet ales. A few of the beers I picked up: 

{Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout, Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat, Breckenridge Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout}
{Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout, Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat, Breckenridge Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout}

It really couldn’t be any easier. Pair some together, tie a red ribbon on it and top it off with a sweet card. I love these FREE Valentine’s Day printables from the girls over at Hop Heart. Because my sweet tooth is truly untamable, I also mixed up a quick batch of Foodstirs Sugar Cookies – a great find from my monthly POPSUGAR Must Have subscription box

{Pink sugar cookies and chocolate stouts}
{Pink sugar cookies and chocolate stouts}

Have a Hoppy Valentine’s Day!

Just wanted to also write a quick update on my first Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival! My boots were definitely not fit for the long haul, but I did get to try some great beers. Since there wasn’t a big booklet about the beers the different breweries would be bringing, my strategy for this festival was to try and get to the breweries that were from out of state or up North.  

{Can you tell which one is mine?}
{Can you tell which one is mine?}

The stand out, of course, was Bent Paddle Brewing Co. from Duluth. They brought their brand new Double Shot Double Black ale (I missed that one, but picked up a bottle this week) and an amazing Mexican chocolate Black Ale. I am still dreaming about it. No wonder they won Lord Dabbler’s Cup. Another highlight: holding warm logs at the fire pit. 




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  1. oh girl, warm boots are the most important part of your dabbler outfit. I made the mistake of forgetting that the first year and instead just put on a beer blanket to make up for it. yikes. also, the idea of a six pack of chocolate beers? LITERAL GENIUS.

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