Girl Meets Growler is a lifestyle blog for those of us who are always drinking from a lipstick-stained pint. More than a “beer blog,” Girl Meets Growler will explore all aspects of the craft beer lifestyle – cooking, home entertaining, travel, DIY and fashion – and the faces and spaces of the Twin Cities beer scene. It’s a home for the un-bearded few who love belting it to T. Swift, putting glitter on absolutely everything and, of course, drinking BEER.

{Dangerous Man Brewing Co.'s Peanut Butter Porter, with Maybelline's Pinkalicious! Photo by Jay Vanbebber}
{Dangerous Man Brewing Co.’s Peanut Butter Porter, with Maybelline’s Pinkalicious! Photo by Jay Vanbebber}

Girl Meets Growler is based on the premise that women need a better space to appreciate craft beer. The industry is dominated by burly dudes in flannel, snobby sippers that you don’t want to start a conversation with and beertenders who will steer you toward fruity, “entry-level” beers. It’s easy to feel out of place and for others to write you off – especially if you’re on the girlier end of the spectrum.

While a lot can still be said about the history of women in this industry and ongoing sexism in beer culture, this isn’t something I want to dwell on here. I’m hoping this blog will be an inspiring and beautiful place and I don’t want to take away from that! My hope is that by writing about beer, sharing my experiences and curating a craft beer lifestyle, I can help to chip away at it and make craft beer accessible for everyone.

Just as I wouldn’t go pint-for-pint with a guy twice my size, I’m not trying to outdo the bearded big dogs that dominate the beer scene. I’m not a brewer (or even a homebrewer!) and I have no formal education or experience in beer. I’m not shy about my love for Bud Light and other “non-craft” beers. I’m just an enthusiastic beer consumer exploring the ins and outs of the scene and I hope to share those experiences here. I hope you’ll follow along!


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